Process Management Solutions

FLOW COMPONENTS & Industrial Supply is your process management headquarters, with all the equipment your business needs no matter where you are in Florida. We're located in central Florida, and serve customers all over the state.

More Information

We offer a wide range of gauges certified worldwide, including vacuum and compound gauges. Our industrial gauge selection includes:Guages

• Precision Test Gauges
• Liquid Fillable Gauges
• General Equipment Gauges
• Medical Equipment Gauges
• Process Gauges
• Receiver Gauges
• Special Purpose Equipment Gauges
• Welding & Compressed Gas Regulator Gauges
Gauge Applications
There are several different applications for the gauges we carry. Turn to us for gauges for:

• Fossil Fuel
• Nuclear Power Generation
• Chemical & Petroleum Processing
• Oil, Gas, & Water Services Equipment
• Refrigerant Systems
• Industrial Sprinkler Systems
• Industrial & Domestic Heating & Water Supply Systems